If you have a project that’s ready to record, please contact us so we can work out a plan that fits your budget. We are musicians too, and we are just as passionate about your music as you are. We always go above and beyond to make it sound just right: we have the tools, the knowledge and the patience to get the results you’re looking for.

We can negotiate rates by the day, project or hour depending on your needs. Standard mixing and tracking rates are as follows:

  • $40 per hour
  • $300 per day (10 hour full lockout)
  • $1500 per week (6 10 hour days full lockout)
  • $5500 per month (24 10 hour days full lockout)

All sessions include 1 Engineer for 8 hours, 2 additional hours are provided each day for rehearsal and set up.

Our rates are negotiable, and we can price by the project.