Rod Gervais, designer; Dan Brace, owner

Legendary studio designer Rod Gervais designed all of our acoustic space to be both accurate and aesthetically pleasing. Our rooms were built from the ground up to be recording and listening spaces. Our control room is perfectly symmetrical and is completely isolated from the live room, allowing the engineer to accurately monitor the signals going to tape.

The control room floors are floating and filled with high-density sand. Our wall treatments are made of custom wood slats that have been strategically placed to absorb, diffuse and scatter sound eliminating early reflections that cause recordings to sound boxy and unpleasant. The design of every wall angle and length has been tested to ensure proper acoustic performance.

Our isolation room is fully wired to our live room allowing artists to stand together while playing, with their amps in isolation. Great care has been taken to isolate our spaces from outside noise, ensuring a low noise floor and incredibly clear recordings.