Sonic Farm is a full-service recording facility located in scenic Colden, New York. The studio was designed by acoustical architect and author, Rod Gervais, to be entirely neutral and sonically accurate. The space consists of an all wood live room, ISO booth, and spacious control room. The facility features fully floating floors and nearly silent HVAC. Our approach is to combine the techniques from both the analog, and digital realms, with RADAR Studio at the heart of it.

Thanks to our friends at iZ technologies, Sonic Farm is proud to have RADAR Studio, the most advanced and powerful sound capture system on the market today, as our primary recording device. On it’s own, RADAR Studio is a dream machine for producers and engineers worldwide, and combined with Pro Tools 11 HD, our Midas consoles,  and extensive collection of outboard gear, the options are truly impressive!

The 24-bit, 96 khz RADAR ADA II converters are widely regarded as some of the finest converters available today, and are known for having a smooth transient response, eliminating digital harshness and better approximating the sweet sound of analog tape. At Sonic Farm, we recognize how important this stage of the recording process is, and are proud to feature RADAR ADA II converters in our setup, allowing 48 simultaneous inputs and outputs.

Although completely in-the-box sessions are certainly possible, we at Sonic Farm prefer that the signals run from the converters to our legendary Midas Heritage 3000 console, of which we have 2! In this manner, the mix benefits from summing in the analog domain, and outboard processing is integrated free of latency.  Every channel on our console features a fully parametric 4-band EQ, sweepable high pass filter, and an incredible XL4 preamp. With 24 aux sends and 48 mix buses, our console has the flexibility to provide multiple, latency free headphone mixes during tracking.

But all this would mean nothing in the hands of amateurs, without the highly-trained and professional staff at Sonic Farm. No matter how great the gear, successful tracking and mixing, as well as creative guidance, all require keen ears and empathetic minds. We consider every client, from locals to signed label talent just as seriously as the next and take great pride in guaranteeing all our client’s results. Before we hit record, we carefully discuss just what it is the artist is seeking to accomplish and create a customized plan to successfully achieve that goal. And, we strive for an upbeat but relaxed atmosphere in which our clients can maximize their full potential, without distraction and with minimal downtime.

At the end of the day, our goal at Sonic Farm Studio is to, where appropriate, equal the kind of high-quality product that one hears on their favorite records by national and international recording artists, and to enjoy each level in that process–from cutting basics to finished master. We are eager to do all that we can to assist you in reaching those dizzying heights. Let us know how we can be of service with all your musical endeavors!

Our Dedicated Staff:

Owner, Engineer, Studio Manager, Visionary: Dan Brace

Staff Producer, Mix, Mastering and Consulting, Special Projects: Nelson Starr

Production Assistant, IT and Promotions: Matthew Backlas